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Peripheral Neuropathy

I am 72 years old, non-diabetic and was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy three years ago. At night my feet felt like they were in a tight vise with extreme pain. Only relief was from several tablets of Advil and sometimes Vicodin.

My family doctor put me om 1800 mg of Neurontin daily. I really could not tell if this was helping me at all. In doing research I found several articles listing Acupuncture as a possible method of treatment.

I was recommended to see Rory by a medical doctor, and after only three treatments I began to get relief from the night time pain.  I no longer have the night pain. Subsequent treatments has begun to provide some relief from the constant numbness in my toes an feet.

I am no longer taking Neurontin. I am being treated once a week with a goal of only once a month, as needed. I know this will take some time but judging from my progress so far , I believe it will be an obtainable goal with an increase in my Quality of Life.

Thank you Rory,

Robert M.


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