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I had 95% of my thyroid removed 33 years ago. Since then I have been hypothyroid. I take Synthroid & T-3. I sought out an alternative

path to overcome the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Within one week of seeing Rory, I had a warmer body ( hands & feet), my hair loss slowed and my fatigue was gone.

He is very

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Stop Smoking

After exhausting all other methods to quit smoking (the patch, wellbutrin, etc), my medical doctor referred me to Rory.

My experiences at Meromed have been nothing short of outstanding.

First, you have to want to make a change in your life. If you are no longer happy as a smoker, you can have success with Acupuncture !!

The key is

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Chronic Insomnia

I  just wanted to write & offer a “heartfelt thank you” to Meromed Healing Centre.

I struggled long-term with Chronic Insomnia and would not get through a night without having to take some sort of prescription to stay asleep. After my first session with Rory Oetomo, I slept solidly that night without any meds.

I am a true believer in

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Colon/Rectal Cancer

I was diagnosed with five metastasized colon/rectal cancer tumors in my liver.

At the start of my chemotherapy I began receiving Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Dietary recommendations from Rory Oetomo.  After two months of treatments a CT-Scan showed that three tumors had slightly decreased, two were stable and three were no new tumors.

Although we don’t know to what

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