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Injuries due to Car Accident

I was in a car accident in June of 2003. I was hit from the back by a drunk driver while I was at a stop light. I suffered whiplash, intense headaches, and pain in my left jaw, neck, shoulder and back. I have been seeing a doctor, going to physical therapy and a jaw specialist. Time and physical therapist , Rory, has helped 50% of my pain related ailments. However, I still experience  numbness and tingling in  my left shoulder blade, shoulder and neck as well as periodic headaches. It was constant and effected my work and personal quality of life. I was always aware of it and it wore me down.

Two months ago Rory began Acupuncture on me. I was not certain of this treatment as 3 years ago I was directed to another acupuncture clinic with allergies and was very disappointed. Rory has changed my attitude about acupuncture 100%. I could not believe the results from his first couple of treatments.  Rory’s expertise and patient thorough explanations of the process put me at ease and made me understand the theory around this ancient form of treatment. I also believe the fact that he gives his patients his time, energy and focus on them alone during the treatment makes a difference. I am a firm believer in acupuncture now, but the person administrating the treatment is extremely key in the success. I am on the road to recovery.  I still experience the tingling and numbness but not like before.  My headaches have subsided.  I am encouraging my doctor, husband, and fellow teachers to give acupuncture a chance as a result of my experience with Rory Oetomo! I am anxious to complete my therapy with Rory as I have seen amazing results and I am only one fourth of the way into my therapy! Thank you Rory!


Pat N.

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